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Discover Worcestershire Community Discount Card

Shop Worcestershire is very excited to announce that Discover Worcestershire has launched its first ever Community Discount Card, how amazing is that! So what is it and how does it work? Well, its simple! You get a free card, you use those discounts at selected places. ‘Did you say free?’ That’s right, this card is entirely free! Yeah, you heard that right, we want to be able to support local independents in Worcestershire, we want to show all those amazing businesses around this amazing county! 

Discover Worcestershire Foodie Card membership

The Discover Worcestershire Discount card will be placed at selected places to start with, and handed out from January 2019, some of you have asked why we aren’t launching before but we thought we would start the new year off with a bang! So I think the big question is why do it? Well, discount cards are nothing new, every city does them, but what we did notice is that there are hundreds of businesses who don’t know the person at the end of the street, there are thousands of tourist attractions not known by the people that live in that area and there are even more people who don’t even know those businesses exist, we are here to bridge that gap, we are here to get people talking, engaging and supporting all these amazing businesses.

What’s even better is for the launch of this card we are doing an exclusive deal with The Brick Room and Alexanders nightclub in Worcester which no other discount card is offering! These are really exciting times and we’re looking forward to the future.

Discover Worcester Foodie card

In other news, we also have our first ever event in January 2019 on the 18th, which is our Discover Worcestershire mixer, the opportunity to meet like minded people in Worcestershire, if you’d like to know more details about that then head over to Event Brite today.

If you are wanting more information on the Discover Worcestershire Discount card don’t hesitate to email me as James@DiscoverWorcestershire.com and I would be happy to discuss it further or you can reach out to us on 01527 832 365 and we would be happy to explain it more.

Do make sure you head over to DiscoverWorcestershire.co.uk to see the latest news and updates.