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Creating success, persistence of trying.

Creating success is something we all strive for. We crave it! Many people work as hard as they can in life to be successful. However, for every person that becomes successful there are a thousand that don’t. It’s not because they don’t want success, it’s because they give up. All too often they quit without realising how close they are actually reaching their goals.

Its human nature to avoid situations that make us feel bad and failure – or believing we’ve failed – can make us feel terrible.  This creates the very negative attitude that is:  If I don’t try I can’t fail.

With human nature driving people to give up so easily this can create a chain reaction throughout a society. It can spread to family members and friends who are often the people that you need most on your journey to greater things.  Without them it is often impossible to reach that success you desire so badly. The first step to success is to accept that no matter how brilliant you are you have to learn to manage rejection and keep trying.

What I want to show you is the huge number of times that entrepreneurs were rejected before finding success. How many times they tried again and again to reach their goals. Click the link to FundersandFounders.

Success isn’t tomorrow, success isn’t something you can create overnight, you must work hard day in day out. If you do this eventually you will break though that wall you have been hammering at and it will fall down. If you give up, it will forever be a ‘What If’ situation, what if I worked a little harder, what if I carried on a little more.

Persistence is key, motivate yourself to find the end goal. If you have questions, tweet me!