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In business now it can become a lot easier to start up, there is so much business support available. 

Starting a business these days can actually require little effort, with the natural evolution of the digital market, the ability to set-up a business is becoming significantly easier than it was 50 years ago!

With the ever growing commercial potential of the internet it is possible to create a ‘Weightless Start Up’.  You can just about set up a business, get it signed, accepted and with the ability to make it go live in about an hour. With the advancement in digital access you can do this so easily with little effort.

The magic in this development is that people are now able set up their own businesses and follow their own dreams … at their own pace. This has allowed a huge spectrum of people to truly experience a passion for what they do.  And, it’s this passion that can and will make or break the business.

As Kevin Rose, founder of ‘Internet Start Ups, Revision3 and Milk’ put it: ‘If you believe in something working nights and weekend won’t feel like work’. Even global companies like Nestle and Siemens Electronics were conceived, developed and made magnificent because of the dreams and aspirations of individuals.

Many of today’s start-ups require skill, not capital outlay. In a weightless start-up the risk is time not money. The work can be done initially at weekends and in the evenings, but, if you believe in what you’re doing it won’t feel like work.

‘You have to really believe in yourself and know that, in the worst case scenario, if it doesn’t work out, you still built something really cool.’ : Kevin Rose’

Remember, keep working hard people, never give up on your goals and never lose that drive and passion for what you want to achieve. – Business Support

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