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Meeting Agenda Mistakes that are commonly made:

So you have been prepping for that business meeting, getting all the information ready. Going over your essential notes and making sure you have it all ready to execute it to perfection. However, you may not even realise it.. But you are about to make some crucial mistakes that are going to cost you the meeting, well let me help you prevent that. 

So below are some of the most common mistakes people make in meetings;

No meeting agenda:

Meetings are meant to be planned, they aren’t there for just the members to have a good old gossip and see what everyone had for lunch, a meeting is planned to meet requirements. Meetings without a clear agenda are practically pointless… All the employees that are present in the meeting would have taken time out of their business agenda to go over what needs to be completed.

Meetings but have a clear agenda, this agenda doesn’t need to be shown to both parties but you want to be able to say to yourself, once out of them meeting, we got everything done that we wanted to. Not, that was a good sandwich, same time next week… So to make sure you tackle this correctly, print of a list of requirements that you would like to complete by the end of it, looking back to it to make sure everything it on the path you want it and you are not wasting any time.

Buzzwords are a no no:

Now for a while, buzz words were key to any business meeting, making sure you used words that would ‘excite’ the other members. However, like anything it started to become over used then disliked, then hated. So make sure you aren’t using words like ‘paradigm shift, synergy’ and so forth. Now your meeting agenda without buzzwords.

Easily distracted:

When you get into a meeting, try keep to the task at hand. Now that doesn’t mean you cant have an introductory gossip about how everyone is and what everyone got up to at the weekend, but a meeting is meant to cover tasks at hand, if you are talking about your ski trip and how you broke your thumb while building a new shed you are wasting valuable time. Keep focused on the tasks at hand.

Depending on Technology:

We all use technology, every day we depend on it more and more, but then you start to realise that without it life would be harder than expected. When you get into a meeting, we present out of our laptops, or plug in our USBs to show that classy powerpoint presentation you have been working on. But what happens when the usb doesn’t work, their projector isn’t working in parallel with your laptop… Now you are pretty much screwed, to be prepared, have two USB’s with the presentation on, make sure you have printed copies of the presentation if the projector fails, and know what you are talking about without the need of a computer, because at the end of the day, they are listening to you, not your picture based presentation.

If you have any other mistakes that you have seen people make regarding their meeting agenda or have made yourself, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or you can check me out on Instagram @james.vincent 

Have a great morning,