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The Best Tips To Start Conversations And Impress People In 30 Seconds Or Less


Starting a conversation with someone new can always be a little daunting, it doesn’t matter who you are you naturally want to impress people but it can be nerve wracking! Now for the past few years I’ve travelled around the world meeting people, networking, going to meetings, events and so much more, in that time you can imagine how many people I met… In other words, I’ve had a little practice into what works and what doesn’t, now let me be clear, this works for me, it may not for you! You have to experiment yourself into how to make connections with people, but here are some tips I have developed!

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Use your wardrobe to your benefit 

When you see somebody who is dressed well, presented and groomed to a good standard it sends out a message. It signals that you are doing something important but it also creates a natural sense of curiosity. Invest in what you are looking like and try always look your best, it really doesn’t require a great investment to upgrade your wardrobe. However, only thing to consider with switching up your closet, make sure you match the clothes to the occasion, if you’re about to do some morning networking at a public event you don’t always need to throw on a three piece suit, keep it to the occasion, stand out without making a scene.

Another idea is having a conversation piece, like a funky tie with a great story behind it or a watch given to you by someone unusual. Things like that get the ball rolling and people talking.

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Open and lead the conversation.

Naturally when you meet people for the first time you prepare and practice a little speech and short conversation ideas. For the most people, when you meet someone its Hello, Hello, How are you, good thanks you? Good thanks. Now that conversation is boring, its thin and doesn’t get anyone opening up. When you open the conversation twist it to something like I’m good thanks, just had some really amazing news! Now at this point its opened up with dialogue that can go both ways.

Brag, without bragging.

Stories are a very effective way to show your best qualities, the problem is if you aren’t careful they come across as you’re bagging which can naturally result in people becoming reserved and not wanting to work with you. Showcasing accomplishments are great, but portray them in a way that doesn’t make you sound big headed, for example talking about an award you won in the industry is great, talking about how you just blew thousands of pounds on a new car for no reason is not good.

Worcester Story Telling

Become good at story telling.

To tell a good story but must be good at story telling, okay I know that’s a bit blatantly obvious but it can be harder than you think. You may not be a good story teller but practice makes perfect! Sometimes its good to practice a few of your best stories, write down the events keep to the point and practice it so it sounds good. If you’re clever as well you can showcase your qualities, insights and ideas throughout it. Just make sure you’re not telling the same stories again and again… Otherwise people will just turn off very quickly.

Those are just some of my tips into how to impress people in conversations, what tips do you have? Comment them below or reach out to me on social media, the links are below.

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