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Ever felt like you need to motivate yourself at work? Ever felt like you aren’t moving forward, read more into how to motivate yourself more at work.

1) Put together “if-then” plans. Be prepared for challenges and setbacks by anticipating obstacles. For example, you might say, “If I don’t finish this project by the end of the week, I will come in early on Monday to finish it up.”

2) Make sure you ask for feedback, asking other people what they think gives you a good shoulder to evaluate yourself and the work you are doing. Dont be asking them with every little thing, but when you feel you want to know if you did something right or wrong or felt unsure feedback can help.

3) Focus on learning more: It is natural to never be perfect at everything. However, it gives the opportunity for development. Make sure you never stop learning as there is always the space for more.

4) You must figure out what drives you further! You must be able to ask yourself, what drives you to do more, sometimes its best to look back and think when you were most motivated and then recreate that feeling!

5) Setting goals is so important, if its two months down the line or 2 years down the line. You must figure out what you want to complete and by what date ( roughly ) this will keep you on track and then you can work to those goals! One thing you must do is set realistic goals don’t try and reach goals that are unmanageable!

6) Expand your network. If your boss isn’t motivating you, look for support elsewhere. Find a mentor, either within your company or somewhere in your industry. This guidance and added perspective will help you grow.

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