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5 ways to motivate employees more than money!

Morning all, I hope you are all having a great day! I was recently asked ‘how to motivate employees’ not just yourself, so I’ve decided to a Top 5 ways to get your employees more motivated without dangling money in front of them.

1 Give everyone the change to be a leader. – In any organisation there are going to people that take control more than others, even if they aren’t supposed to. This can then result in people staying quiet and letting others make the decisions. The best thing to is always ask the opinion of all members of employees or put them on the spot and then put them in control. If they do well they will be more motivated to work harder in the future.

2. Give recognition and small rewards. –  These two things come in many forms: Give a shout out to someone in a company meeting for what she has accomplished. Even if its little things like internal games or a whiteboard that keeps track of what everyone is doing well. You can try things like dinner, trophies, spa services, plagues. Whatever you feel your employees would appreciate the most.

3. Make your ideas theirs. – People hate being told what to do. Instead of telling people what you want done; ask them in a way that will make them feel like they came up with the idea. “I’d like you to do it this way” turns into “Do you think it’s a good idea if we do it this way?”

4. Be generous with praise. – Everyone wants praise, even if they say they don’t. Praise gives everyone the boost they sometimes need and best of all its free… Praise from your superiors goes a lot further than you think! Once you are comfortable giving praise one on one then try give it in front of other! However, don’t give it out all the time! You need to make sure they receive praise when they deserve it, not just when they make a cup of tea!

5. Throw company parties. – You can’t beat a good office party to bring everyone together, with everyone working in close environments all day things can become tense. But, to be a tight fitted team you need to comfortable seeing them all the time. An office party works great in having fun and not thinking about work.

Hope you enjoyed this post about how to motivate employees, if you have any other questions tweet me @mrjamesvincent